Fitting Instructions

  • Section the hair to fit the extension piece
  • Pull hair through the plastic loop
  • Remove loop, pulling hair through ring
  • Squeeze ring
  • Repeat process along extension

Points to consider

Most clients are suitable for hair extensions however there are some conditions where it is best not to fit Easy Long Locks.

These conditions include eczema on the scalp, significant psoriasis on the scalp, alopecia, extremely thin hair and weak hair follicles.

It is not recommended that extensions are worn during pregnancy or for 6 months after birth as hair shedding can occur at this time.

It is not safe to fit our extensions if an individual has allergies to nickel, copper or silicon.

Easy Long Locks may not be suitable for clients with greasy hair. Greasy hair can result in the extensions sliding downwards.

It is recommended that natural hair is shoulder length or longer before fitting Easy Long Locks for a more natural finish. Clients should not get their hair cut for at least 3 weeks prior to fitting. Hair should be washed dried and straightened immediately before fitting. All trimming and blending should be completed after the extensions are fitted.