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The Hair Extension revolution is on it's way!

Luxury permanent full head hair extensions that can be fitted in 30 mins and last for up to a year.

We specialise in professional, permanent full head Hair Extensions that can be fitted in 30 minutes! Our revolutionary fitting technique is quick and easy, compared to other hair extension methods that can take 3 hours to put in - a game changer in the hair extension business . Easy Long Locks hair is real human luxury remy hair grade AAAAA - the best quality hair you can buy. Once in, it can be washed, dyed and styled just like normal. It is reusable, lasting for up to a year and is double stitched to give extra volume.

Our new revolutionary method of attaching the extension to hair is better than other conventional methods as there is no glue and no damage to your clients own hair. Other methods can cause thinning of the natural hair as the weight of the extension can pull the hair out at the root. With Easy Long Locks the weight of the hair is carefully engineered to be spread over a larger surface area reducing the pressure on the roots.

Once it's in it will stay in place for 3 months. It can then be easily moved up every 3 months using a simple tool. With correct care the hair will last for 1 year.

Avail of our free in salon training or simply watch our online tutorial to learn how to put the extensions in here - its that easy! There are only 3 simple steps. Section the hair, pull the hair through the ring using the loop and squeeze! All extensions will also come with a detailed set of instructions. A full set of extensions will take a maximum of 30 minutes to put in, and the more you do, the faster you will become.

All of our Easy Long Locks hair extensions are hand stitched in County Antrim to ensure the highest quality finish time after time.

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